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May 04, 2016

HFN Represented IEC in its Petition to the Supreme Court regarding Arnona

HFN has filed a petition on behalf of the Israel Electric Corporation LTD, to the Supreme Court of Justice against the "Arnona" (Municipal tax) reform committee (known as the "Barzilai committee"), the Interior Minister, the Minister of Finance and the Government of the State of Israel (HCJ 8199/13 IEC v the Arnona reform committee et al).

The Barzilai Committee was established in 2007 by government resolution No. 455 dated 09.12.2016. According to the resolution, the Committee was required to formulate and transfer to the Minister of Interior and Minister of Finance, within a period not exceeding 150 days, recommendations for legislative changes in the field of Arnona in Israel, and to submit a draft of the necessary legislative amendments. Since the recommendations have not been published on time or at all, the Company  has filed a petition for an order to be made for the Barzilai Committee`s recommendations to be published. Following the Company's petition and after the Supreme Court had expressed its displeasure with the "foot-dragging" regarding the Arnona reform, the State announced that a new inter-ministerial staff will be appointment in order to examine the subject of  Arnona within 60 days.

The IEC was represented by Partner Sharon Petel.  

To read the full article (in Hebrew), please click here.