We are always looking to recruit talented and motivated attorneys with relevant experience from leading international firms. With much of our work conducted in English, experience in handling corporate, M&A, banking and finance transactions in English speaking jurisdictions is particularly relevant.

Whether you are making 'aliyah' or coming back to Israel after working abroad, if you are looking for a law firm that will provide you with professional challenges in a friendly environment, then HFN is the place for you.


There are no open positions at the moment.



Will my experience be taken into account in allocating work?

Yes – we expect experienced lawyers to do the same level of work as they were doing before they joined HFN. There may be a short ‘getting to know you’ period, but as soon as we see that a lawyer can handle responsibility, we will be happy to accommodate.



Harriet Finn
The work at HFN is challenging and rewarding and there is huge scope for an individual to advance and progress for those seeking to do so.

I joined HFN in 2000 "fresh off the boat" when I emigrated to Israel from England having just graduated from Cambridge University.
HFN was the obvious choice for me having such a strong reputation in cross-border work and with an international department populated with people many of whom, like me, had either grown up abroad or lived for a considerable period of time there.

I spent two years at HFN training and qualified as an Israeli lawyer after sitting the bar exam in 2002. My training period at HFN was a lot of hard work but also fun as I got to do a wide variety of work and was given the opportunity to take on increasing amounts of responsibility as confidence in my abilities grew despite my junior status. I arrived in Israel with very basic Hebrew indeed but it quickly improved once I started refusing to respond to colleagues in English (Israelis only of course!).

HFN provided a great setting to, on the one hand gain proficiency in Hebrew and, on the other, turn my mother tongue to an advantage both in drafting documents and communicating with clients. On a social level HFN had a real "family" atmosphere to it and I made several good friends - working at HFN definitely assisted me in settling down as a new immigrant in a foreign country.

In 2002, I moved to Paris where I worked at Allen & Overy until 2006. Throughout my time abroad I remained in contact with several of my colleagues at HFN and visited the office regularly throughout my absence. Upon my return to Israel in 2006 it was a "no brainer" for me to come back to HFN.
Despite being abroad for a considerable period of time in many ways it felt like I had never been away and colleagues were welcoming to and supportive of me as I readjusted to life in Israel.

Since then I haven't really looked back - the work at HFN is challenging and rewarding and there is huge scope for an individual to advance and progress for those seeking to do so.

HFN has seen me through professional training, relocation abroad, two children and most recently becoming a partner so I really feel as if I did my growing up at HFN!