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Client Updates

Apr 21, 2016

Client Update | AdTech & Technology Compliance #29

The April edition of our AdTech & Technology Compliance Client Update is full with new policy and industry updates, together with compliance and regulatory developments in the fields of digital advertising, content, media, technology compliance and information privacy regulations. Among these, you can read about:

  •  The new user data policy for Google Chrome Web Store;
  • The beginning of the "chatvertising" era as introduced by Facebook's new "chat bots";
  • Microsoft's extended malware protection policy affecting programs that change user browsing experience without using a permitted browser extension;
  • The blocking of websites embedding "social engineering" content and ads by Google's Safe Browsing tools;
  • Facebook's new policy allowing Native Ads on News Feeds;
  • New developments in the continuing ad-blocking legal battle; and
  • New regulatory guidelines and review of health apps and smart TVs

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