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Client Updates

May 11, 2014

Client Update: A General Waiver Suffices to Deny the Right to Royalties for Service Inventions

The Intellectual Property group has published a client update, with respect to the Compensation and Royalties Committee's new decision concerning employees' right to royalties for Service Inventions, in which it clarified its previous decisions regarding this matter. The Committee determined that an employee's general and explicit waiver of the right to monetary compensation towards his employer, includes a waiver of the right to royalty payments for Service Inventions. In addition, the Committee determined that the right to royalties for Service Inventions, in accordance with Section 134 of the Israeli Patents Law, 5727-1967, may be waived by contract. This is an important decision that brings closure to the uncertainty surrounding this issue which has mainly troubled the Israeli Hi-Tech industry during the last few years. This decision is final as the Committee's decisions cannot be appealed.

To read the client update, click here.