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Aug 03, 2016

Client Update | Leaked Proposed Changes to the EU Dual-Use Regulation

Last week, a draft amendment to the EU's dual-use export regulation was "leaked" – revealing the EU's intention to create tighter rules for the export of dual-use technologies from its jurisdiction. Due to be introduced by the EU in September, the leaked proposal indicates some important changes for the cyber -technology industry, particularly, the introduction of the term and control of "cyber-surveillance technologies". The expressed rationale behind the proposed amendments is the protection of human rights; with various European parliamentarians, EU states and human organizations having campaigned for years that cyber surveillance technologies of EU companies have been used by repressive regimes and in conflict areas, in the violation of human rights.

However, if the European Parliament and Member State governments' representatives will adopt the proposed amendment, this will require cyber companies with the relevant listed dual-use items, to begin obtaining export licenses and follow additional procedural requirements.

For the full update, click on the PDF. 

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