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Client Updates

Apr 28, 2015

Client Update - Real Estate

The Real Estate department has issued a client update regarding the issue of the application of the limitation period (under the Prescription Law 1958) in respect of the administrative collection procedures (active and passive) concerning municipal debts owed to local authorities. According to the Supreme Court's decision dated 15 April 2015 (appeal case 8832/12 Haifa Municipality against the Isaac Salomon company for Construction and Public works Ltd.), before an expanded panel of judges, it was held, among other things, that the limitation period shall apply to the passive administrative collection of debts owed to local authorities (such as the local authority's right not to grant its approval to the transfer of rights to the Land Registry), in addition to the application of the limitation period to active collection procedures, as was decided by the Supreme Court in 2010.

To read the full update (in Hebrew) please click here.