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Client Updates

Jan 08, 2015

HFN's Telecommunications and Media Department has Issued a Client Update

In this Update:
In Israel: The Knesset has approved the Bill for the extension of Channel 10’s franchise for an additional period of 6 months; the Ministry of Communications has established principles for the examination of the MVNO's hosting conditions set out by cellular networks owners; the Ministry of Communications has created a "Unified License" that will enable the provision of several different services using one type of license; the Ministry of Communication has set tariffs for Bezeq’s wholesale market services – the use of Band-Width infrastructure and Telephone services; Bezeq has filed a petition against the wholesale market reform; the Ministry of Communications has given a notice of a hearing before regularizing the prevention of the use of "Margin Squeeze" practices; the  Ministry of Communication is implementing a reform in the postal office services and adopting part of the "Raich Committee" conclusions; the Minister of Communications is requiring Bezeq and the HOT companies to widen their geographic network reach in Israel; the Ministry of Communications has regulated the premium services that are being given on a regular tariff basis.     

In the world: The FCC has published a proposal for policy setting in order to impose regulations on Internet based broadcasts; the FCC is taking significant steps for relief wireless infrastructure deployment in the public space; OFCOM has opened an investigation concerning the selling of the broadcasting rights of premier league football games.

The Telecommunications and Media department is led by partner Esther Sternbach.

To read the full update, please click here (Hebrew).