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Nov 13, 2012

Government Funding for R&D - Risk and Opportunity In Light of Recent Development in the R&D Law

The past two years have seen several developments in the R&D Law and the regulations pertaining to receipt of funding from the government for the conduct of R&D. Some of these changes are aimed at increasing the certainty and predictability of the risk associated with receipt of such funding, while others introduce interesting tailor-made opportunities for different industries.

While these developments are dramatic, still additional ones are in the pipe-line.

This affords us the opportunity to take a fresh and updated look at government funded R&D, the opportunities of it affords and the risks associated with it, its impact on the day to day operations of various companies in various industries, stages and sizes (e.g. start-ups, new media, life sciences and multinationals), as well as its affect on the long term planning of the company's R&D strategy.

HFN, together with Israel Advanced Technology Industries, will host an upcoming conference discussing developments and innovation in the Office of the Chief Scientist R&D programs.

For more information and to register to attend the conference, please click here.