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Dec 11, 2015

HFN Represented the Municipality of Tirat Carmel in an Ongoing Legal Dispute Against Nitsba Holdings 1995 Ltd.

On November, 11, 2015, the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal filed by Nitsba Holdings 1995 Ltd in the matter of Nitsba Holdings 1995 LTD v. Municipality of Tirat Carmel.  The dismissal concluded a long-standing dispute which arose during previous decades between the Municipality of Tirat Carmel and Nitsba.  The dispute was in regards to the payment of municipal tax ("Arnona") concerning the "Auto-Cars" complex, which is situated on a substantial area owned by Nitsba, in the center of Tirat Carmel. The significance of the Supreme Court ruling is to confirm the municipal tax charges for the contested period which is estimated at approximately NIS 26 million. 

The Municipality of Tirat Carmel was represented by partner Sharon Petel from the Real Estate - Municipal Taxation Practice.

For more information (in Hebrew) please click on the attachment below.


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