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Client Updates

Jul 15, 2015

Client Update: Recent Labour Court Rulings on the Matter of Initial Unionization

The Employment Law Department has posted a new client update which reviews recent labour court rulings on the matter of initial unionization.

The update includes reference to a new ruling, which defines a "Period of Immunity" of one year, during which employers cannot recant their recognition of an employee representation; a ruling which may express a new trend of both limiting, and making the prohibitions that apply to employers during the period of initial unionization, more flexible; a ruling which refers to the amount of compensation employers will be required to pay if it is determined that the employers attempted to thwart an initial unionization; and, reference to procedures regarding the establishment of internal committees in workplaces, and the claim that such committees are actually entities established on behalf of the employers, with the intention of foiling the employee unionization attempts.

For the full update (in Hebrew) – click here.