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Our Practice

The Banking and Finance practice is one of the HFN’s most diversified practices and is the largest dedicated finance practice in Israel. HFN’s Banking and Finance practice is regarded as the clear market leader, representing major global financial institutions, including most of the foreign banks active in Israel.

The Banking and Finance practice comprises six key departments and groups:

  • Banking and Finance – The Banking & Finance department operates in three main areas: debt financing, regulatory banking and derivatives and financial products. Activities include advising Israeli banks in domestic and overseas lending and advising foreign banks lending to Israeli borrowers, advising Israeli and foreign banks on all regulatory aspects in the financial sector, and offering specialist advice on the entire range of sophisticated financial instruments.
  • Banking Regulation – The Banking Regulation group advises and assists many foreign financial institutions and securities firms in their dealings with the Bank of Israel and other government entities.
  • Corporate Finance – Lawyers in the Corporate Finance group have experience in advising the different actors in the field of corporate finance – corporations, banks, financial institutions, underwriters and investors.
  • Derivatives & Financial Instruments – The Derivatives & Financial Instruments group’s expertise covers all aspects of derivatives products, including regulatory aspects, corporate and insolvency law aspects, tax aspects, and documentation and negotiation of specific transactions.
  • Insolvency and Restructuring – The Insolvency and Restructuring group provides comprehensive advice and expertise involving all types of transactions in this area, and has in-depth experience covering both complex domestic and high profile cross-border cases.
  • Investment Banking – HFN’s Investment Banking group advises many of the world’s leading banks, investment houses and securities broker-dealers on all aspects of doing business in Israel.
  • Project Finance – HFN is deeply involved with all facets of project finance in Israel, and the Project Finance department is known as the first choice for both lenders and borrowers.