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Our Practice

HFN's Cyber team has extensive knowledge and experience in advising companies in the complex regulatory areas surrounding Cyber-related services and risks. HFN’s lawyers work in dedicated teams possessing vital regulatory skills to provide specialist Cyber-related advice in the following areas: compliance, regulatory and commercial matters; strategic and regulatory review of implementation of regulatory framework applicable to various financial, communication and critical resources companies; and assisting companies with preparing and implementing procedures for Cyber-related incidents.

The department has expertise in:

  • Compliance and strategic advice to companies developing Cyber security products and services with regards to compliance and regulatory issues concerning the product
  • Compliance monitoring and checkups - review procedures and products of partners and partnerships, assist in monitoring the activity and providing advice on decreasing the applicable risks and responsibilities
  • Legal advice and practical guidelines addressing Cyber incidents, including: internal procedures, regulatory and corporate approvals, incident management
  • Legal advice and practical guidelines addressing applicable standards, policies and legislation that may apply to various financial, communication, security, data and critical resources companies
  • Drafting, reviewing and updating all applicable legal documentation
  • Drafting and reviewing agreements with third parties, including licensing agreements
  • Advice on export and import limitations, security and homeland-security aspects
  • Assistance with investment promotions, filing for Chief Scientist grants
  • Advising on cyber insurance and financial structuring
  • Advising on all related IP issues