Employee Incentive Schemes


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Our Practice

The Employee Incentive Schemes Group provides ongoing advice to a wide variety of HFN's clients, including: senior level executives and directors, start-up companies, privately owned companies, and Israeli and multi-national publicly listed companies. Lawyers from the group advise on all aspects of designing and implementing employee and executive compensation plans. In addition, the group plays an integral part in providing advice in relation to all of HFN's M&A transactions, investment transactions, corporate restructurings and IPOs. 

The group provides a broad range of legal and practical advice on all aspects of employee benefits and executive compensation, including Labour Law, Securities Law, Corporate Law, Family Law and Taxation (including “Section 102 Plans”). HFN’s expertise includes all of the various types of compensation, such as: 

•    Employee share purchase plans 

•    Capital based incentive plans 

•    Performance based awards and benefits 

•    Pension schemes 

•    Phantom awards and agreements 

•    Deferred compensation arrangements 

•    Adjustment periods 

•    "Golden Parachute" agreements 

•    Special entitlements for unique employment circumstances such as change of control

•    Employee compensation aspects of M&A transactions, IPOs and other corporate transactions