Impact Investment


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Our Practice

As today’s corporations, entrepreneurs and investors move toward socially responsible investment, corporate social responsibility, and impact investment including through the Fourth Sector, Benefit Corporations, Profit with Purpose Businesses, Impact Investment Funds and social impact bonds, HFN’s Impact Investment and Socially Responsible Investment Department offers a full legal ecosystem for clients operating in the field of creating social value.

HFN Impact advises start ups and social entrepreneurs creating products and services to make a positive impact on a host of local and global issues; investment funds seeking a triple bottom line whose investors are no longer content with just financial results; and corporations engaged in solving some of the world’s greatest challenges.  HFN Impact serves clients that desire a law firm that understands and is committed to their goals.

HFN Impact advises companies, NGOs and funds in Investing in Israeli companies, establishing their targets, goals and policies, structuring their investments, and implementing their principles.

Working in coordination with HFN’s Capital Markets and Securities, Hi-Tech, Environment and Climate Change, and Investment Funds practice areas, fields of activity include healthcare, cleantech and environmental impact, food security, women and minority owned businesses, community development, sustainable agriculture, and accessible technology.

HFN’s multidisciplinary approach meets all legal needs of entities with social change on their agenda, from tax planning, establishment, drafting of investment guidelines, operations, investments and cross border transactions.