Insolvency and Restructuring


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Our Practice

HFN’s specialist Insolvency and Restructuring group provides comprehensive advice and expertise involving all types of transactions in this area, and has in-depth experience covering both complex domestic and high profile cross-border cases.

HFN advises a broad spectrum of businesses and industries on a full range of corporate restructuring issues, shutdowns and insolvency proceedings, including: exchange offers; consent solicitations; re-negotiation of credit agreements with bank syndicates and other lenders; loan and debt restructuring proceedings, including workouts, asset sales, bankruptcy trustee work, and bankruptcy litigation; and liquidation, receivership, and bankruptcy proceedings.

The Insolvency and Restructuring group handles not only domestic voluntary and involuntary liquidations, but involuntary insolvencies and restructuring having a significant cross-border element, such as those involving the Israeli subsidiaries of major global companies.

In transactions concerning insolvency and restructuring, HFN provides expert advice to the full range of stakeholders such as companies, partnerships, NGO’s and VC’s.  The work involved includes balancing the interests of the insolvent entity, shareholders, lenders, commercial creditors and employees, and advising, amongst others, corporate debtors experiencing financial difficulties and financial institutions.

HFN’s lawyers specialise in identifying and applying pragmatic and creative solutions to the problems facing all of the parties involved in insolvencies and restructurings, completed within the time frame needed to ensure a successful arrangement. In many cases, partners at HFN are appointed as liquidators, receivers or trustees, enabling them to use the firm’s breadth of experience and abilities to balance competing interests.