International Tax Planning


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Our Practice

HFN has developed a thriving practise in the project management of outbound international tax planning and the design and management of multi-national structures for global businesses.  The practise is market-leading in terms of the depth and range of in-house expertise and its ability to leverage a tested network of legal talent from a wide range of onshore and offshore jurisdictions.

The outbound practise boasts an impressive and growing list of clients who rely on HFN to coordinate and direct their worldwide tax affairs - including strategies to minimise exposure to foreign corporate taxation, permanent establishment exposure, withholding taxes, European VAT and similar taxes and duties and many exposures unique to particular jurisdictions.

The team has vast experience in the online gaming sector where we have in-depth knowledge and planning techniques in managing exposure to gaming taxes and duties and the interplay between gaming regulatory requirements and multi-national tax planning considerations.  Other sectors in which we have significant tax-planning expertise include multinational homeland-security and defence, online foreign exchange (and other financial product) trading, online advertising-based businesses, various internet support services and products and various other multinational trading businesses.