Labour and Employment Law


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Our Practice

Employees are a key component of any business operating in Israel, especially in those sectors where the success of an enterprise relies greatly on the high quality of its workforce. As Labour and employment law in Israel is unique and rapidly evolving, it is critical for domestic and international businesses in every industry to receive accurate and updated local labour and employment law advice in their "day to day" operations as well as in relation to specific events (such as transactions, tenders, collective negotiations and disputes and legal proceedings). 

The Labour and Employment Law Department scope of work includes: 

•    Providing ongoing advice (including drafting and negotiating applicable agreements), on daily employment-related matters such as recruitment, retention, restrictive covenants, equal opportunities in the workplace, adaptation of international HR policies to local law, engagement of service providers and termination of employment relationships

•    Collective relations

•    M&A transactions 

•    Special employee benefits and compensation 

•    International relocation of employees 

•    Litigation 

•    Pension and social security matters

All clients benefit from HFN's "one stop shop" model and obtain a full range of commercial advice. When necessary, the Labour and Employment Law department consults and works closely with other HFN departments (such as Commercial Litigation, Corporate Tax and Intellectual Property) to provide clients with unparalleled and comprehensive advice across virtually every commercial sector.