Urban Renewal


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Our Practice

In recent years the real estate market has shown a significant growth in the volume of transactions in the area of urban renewal.  HFN has established a special department specializing in such transactions which include TMA 38 (National Planning Guidelines for Seismic Strengthening) in all of its forms and gentrification.

Our office is already working on dozens of urban renewal projects. The firm represents both the developers in TMA 38 projects and gentrification as well as the tenants in these projects.

HFN has gained extensive experience over the years in this area. This experience allows our customers to consult with us on a wide variety of urban renewal issues. In light of the complexity of these transactions we work with clients from the earliest planning stage to assisting in the selection of entrepreneurs, participation in negotiations and preparation of the agreements and relevant documents to be signed between the developer and the owners of the rights.  Our team also provides legal services in various planning committee procedures, to the approval of town plans, permits to be granted and to the delivery of new homes.