Value Added Tax


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Our Practice

Herzog Fox & Neeman's Value-Added Tax Department affords its clients extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of VAT.

VAT issues are liable to significantly complicate transactions involving foreign residents with regard to the nature of payments and the tax implications of non-profit organisations and financial institutions. In this regard, the firm advises its clients, which include foreign residents, foreign companies, local industry, financial institutions and Real Estate entrepreneurs, in the planning and execution of their transactions.  The department is led by experts in the field of VAT, with vast experience in advising venture capital, private investment funds and holding companies.  The department also works closely with Real Estate experts to provide ongoing advice on all aspects of VAT. 

The department oversees the following:

  • Deduction of input VAT, reporting of deals, classification of deal liability for VAT
  • Advising the client in filing an objection to of an assessment and court appeal
  • Advising financial institutions and non-profit organisations
  • VAT aspects of Real Estate transactions
  • Rate of VAT for foreign residents
  • VAT aspects applicable to international organisations including those in the digital economy
  • VAT on imported services and intangible assets