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Jul 29, 2014

The Supreme Court rejected the appeal against Remedia in a detailed judgment

The Israeli Supreme Court rejected an appeal filed by an infant and her parents (The "Appellants") against Heinz Remedia Ltd., Humana Milchunion and the Israeli Ministry of Health.

The Appellants filed a complaint in which they argued that their child suffers severe bodily injuries (including epilepsy) due to the consumption of soy based infant formula that lacked sufficient quantities of B1 vitamin. The District Court rejected the complaint based on the medical and legal arguments raised by Heinz Remedia and Humana. The parents filed an appeal to the Supreme Court.

After hearing the parties and reviewing their written summations the Supreme Court rejected the appeal in a detailed judgment. The Court held that the District Court justifiably rejected the complaint and determined that no causal connection exists between the consumption of the Remedia baby formula and the plaintiff's disease.

Heinz Remedia and Humana were represented by Joseph Ashkenazi and Moshe Yaacov both of whom are partners in the Litigation Department and Yael Chervinsky an associate in the Litigation Department.