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Mar 06, 2013

Upcoming Seminar: Compliance Programmes and Corporate Responsibility – Risks and Successful Management

The legal and regulatory environment in which companies operate in Israel has changed significantly in recent years. Substantial changes in legislation, as well as changes in enforcement policies of various authorities, impose on a company and its managers new responsibilities and expose a company and its managers to a new set of risks: a significant increase in the extent of criminal offenses for which a company and its managers may be liable; new enforcement measures enabling regulatory authorities to impose significant financial sanctions without filing criminal charges; new legal restrictions aimed at companies operating abroad, and more.

These changes require a radical re-think in the way companies monitor their legal exposures. Corporate officers and in-house counsel should not wait until an investigation has commenced, but should take preemptive measures, especially in preparing and implementing compliance programmes.

Herzog Fox & Neeman has been a pioneer in preparation of compliance programmes and in presenting them to various regulatory authorities. The firm will host a seminar on 6 March which will discuss the new enforcement regimes, the risks they present to corporations and their managers, and the possible ways of coping.