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Sep 30, 2013

Why Isn’t the Lion Roaring?

It was recently published in the local media that a small Israeli start-up calledTrax Technology raised $6 million in funds from an undisclosed Singapore-based VC. Trax, contrary to the common trend of Israeli start-ups basing their R&D center in Israel with their management in the U.S., decided to base its management in Singapore.

From the perspective of someone who is not involved in the Israeli start-up scene, this would probably not be seen as a big deal and may even be perceived as a very logical step. Singapore has a highly developed financial eco-system, an active governmental policy of making it the “Silicon Valley” of Southeast Asia, and an English-speaking and friendly environment for Israelis. Singapore might just seem like the perfect place for Israeli start-ups to place themselves in a world which is shifting to the East.

So why don’t we see many more examples like Traxs?

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